Shop Construction Update – Moved In

Much has happened around here since the last update. We had counters and a work table constructed on the mezzanine. Additionally, the floor was burnished and, with that done, moving in quickly became the focus. The lift arrived during the floor burnishing process and we installed it as soon as the floor crew was done. Currently, the electrical work is being performed. We’ve got the majority of the shop level outlets done and the lift wired up.

We took advantage of the lift immediately. Several outstanding issues were quickly resolved on the shop truck and personal vehicles. We’re excited about getting rolling on customer projects!

IMG_2133 IMG_2153


Shop Construction Update — Concrete

Progress is slower than I would have hoped. This has been exacerbated by the holidays. The concrete forms and rebar for the drive and pathway to the shop have been constructed. The massive concrete pad outside the shop entrance will be very nice and extremely useful. Hopefully concrete will be pouring soon.




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