My name is Jeffrey Robert Love. My name seems to change with time. Early me went by the ubiquitous “Jeff,” which I have fiercely rejected and cringe when I hear it being applied to me. For most of my life I’ve gone by “Jeffrey.” Lots of people have called me “J. Love” or “J. Lo,” both of which are welcome. Lately, I’ve been trying out “J.R. Love.” I cannot understand why it never struck me that that could be my name. It was only recently pointed out to me and I’ve grown to quite like it.

A window to the soul

My favorite Mahjong tile is the Green Dragon, because I am capable of pretty much anything except being able to strike it rich. I’ve become attached to an early tile with the symbol of the phoenix. It would seem I’m in the fire phase and have yet to arise.

This is kind of about me

Having shunned most social media, I’ve resurrected the concept of a personal website to represent myself. Let’s call it an experiment, for now. Like me, the site will be in flux or stuck in a rut going nowhere.

What I’m Into


You can attempt to contact me here. Don’t expect instant results. I tend to find remote places to spend my time.